Using Cotton Material for Designing Sofa


There are different materials to choose from when it comes to making sofas ranging from natural materials like cotton to synthetic ones like polyester. Considering a sofa is a furniture item that will be in one’s home or office for a while, care should be taken in choosing the right kind of upholstery material. Factors to consider include color, durability, fabric content and weight. When it comes to cotton, the higher the thread count the better the quality.

There are a number of advantages of using cotton as sofa material and they include:
· Versatile in use.
· Cotton is breathable and does not trap moisture in hot conditions.
· It is relatively affordable compared to other materials like leather.
· It does not pile meaning it does not collect rolled up balls on its surface when they rub against another fabric or material.
· Cotton finishes and dyes well giving a wide range when it comes to patterns and colors.

There are a few setbacks when using cotton as sofa material like wearing out fast, wrinkling and non-resistance to stains however this is easily overcome by a few tips and tricks like blending.

Cotton is blended with materials like polyester to come up with an end product that is soft, resistant to wrinkling and shrinking, sturdy and easy to clean. Cotton blends also maintain shape after washing or laundering. When it comes to blending, cotton should be of higher proportion than polyester to maintain its positive features.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to use of cotton as a sofa material is the use and location of the sofa. Pure cotton is best used for a quiet environment like a showroom where it is unlikely to stain while a cotton blend is best for household sofas because it is resistant to wear and tear caused by spills, pets or children.


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