Importance of Color in Home Decor

Its obvious that color is a key aspect of successful work in interior design.

interior color

A space that presents a pleasant and appropriate impression through the use of color generates an almost inevitable favorable reaction. Conversely, even a space that is well planned and equipped but drab and indifferent or unpleasant in color terms will be depressing and disappointing. Although work with color in almost universally found to be interesting and enjoyable. There is a certain tendency to be hesitant in dealing with this matter, which is thought to rely so much on taste, or even more intimidating, good taste.

 Interior Color

In design school, it is often noted that students avoid color and material selection. Preferring to work with the planning aspects of design and with constructional details. While putting off color planning until the last minute. When there is no  time to make wise and thoughtful decisions. Similarly, those without design training who face decisions relating to their own home environment will often hang back from color decisions and ask the advice of sales people (who may be totally unqualified to give such advice) in preference to trusting their own judgment.

In order to trust one’s judgment in color matters. Whether one is a design professional, a student, or a design amateur. It is helpful to develop experience through work with color in abstract exercises and in planning schemes that are strictly experimental. In such desktop color planning , there are no risks. No money is spent on items and work that may turn out badly. Instead, color may be tried out, alternatives considered, changes made at no cost and with hardly any effort.



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